The Importance of Cleaning out your Gutters

Gutters are imperative for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. The quality of their performance, however, hinges on proper maintenance throughout the year.

With proper gutter maintenance and cleaning, you can:

  • Avoid expensive home repair and painting from damage due to gutter failure.

  • Avoid replacement costs of damaged gutter due to material overload

  • Prevent water from trapping and freezing in the gutter, weighing down the gutter and causing damage to the gutter and the roof.

  • Prevent organic matter and water from settling in your gutters which can lead to the formation of mold, which contributes to the further clogging of the gutter.

A gutter that is full of debris will not function properly. The accumulation of dry leaves and debris will prevent the proper flow of water through the gutter system, leading to excess rainwater pouring out of the sides of the gutter onto the siding of the house and flooding the surrounding foundation and landscape.

The number of cleanings your gutters will need every year depends on various factors, such as the amount of trees surrounding your home. We recommend at least 3 times per year. Once in the Spring after the trees have shed their seedlings and twice in the fall to make sure no debris is left from that beautiful fall foliage. Thorough maintenance ensures that when precipitation occurs, water will flow freely through the gutter and into the downspout preventing damage.

Protect your home investment.

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