Meet the Team

Born and raised in Chester, N.J., Steve Zander always dreamed of owning his own business. Through hard work and determination he witnessed his dream become reality. After working with Jim Frey, the original “Gutter Guy” of New Jersey for several years he was offered the opportunity to buy the 45-year-old business in 2004. This was just the beginning of an exciting journey providing quality craftsmanship, surpassing customer service, and a core team of hard working experts.

Our Team

Some affectionately call us “The Gutter Guys” … heck, we call ourselves that, because that’s what we’re all about - gutters. Really, though, after installing gutters for more than 18 years, a more appropriate name would be the “Gutter Masters.” We love all things gutters … from classic aluminum to incredibly stunning copper … to K-Style to Half-Round … from finding the best gutter protection (we use only Leaftech as it’s the best we’ve found by far) to answering all your questions about seamless gutters.

Steve Sr.
The Gutter Gator

Topping Playlist:  The Avett Brothers, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley
Takes his Taylor Ham: Sandwhich with egg, cheese, salt, pepper, HOT peppers and ketchup (where else but Jersey?!)
Go to Classic Movie: Groundhog Day
He wishes: Robert Redford as The Sundance Kid
More like: Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore
Favorite Movie Quote: “Who are those guys?” ~ Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

And yes, he likes alligators!

Steven Jr.

Topping Playlist: “Lights'Come On”~ Jason Aldean
Takes his Taylor Ham: The Works with a side of Tums!
Go to Classic Movie: Any Given Sunday
He wishes: Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor
More like: Spock in Star Trek
Favorite Movie Quote: “Do or do not, there is no try”~Yoda

Graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University: Business Management

OK, we admit it, he’s pretty darn good at golf!




Topping Playlist: Anything by The Chainsmokers, Eminem, or Sam Smith
Takes her Taylor Ham: On a buttered piece of toast!
Go to Classic Movie: 'Step Brothers', or 'Bridesmaids'.
She wishes: Christie Brinkley
More like: Miss Piggy
Favorite Movie Quote: "Is butter a carb?" Regina George, 'Mean Girls'.

Graduate of Kean University: Business Management

Would rather be hanging with her best canine bud Mobin!

Nick Z
The Youngin'

Topping Playlist: “Thunder Struck” ~ AC/DC
Takes his Taylor Ham: No Frills! Just Ketchup.
Go to Classic Movie: Jaws
He wishes: Matt Damon in Bourne Identity
More like: Jason Bateman in Identity Thief
Favorite Movie Quote: “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up!” ~ Rocky Balboa

Graduate of Valley Road School

And yes, Baseball is his life. Just call him Ace!


Topping Playlist: Bob Marley, Sublime
Takes Taylor Ham: Salt, pepper, ketchup all day    
Go to Classic Movie: True Romance
He wishes: Seinfeld
More like: Kramer
Favorite Movie Quote: "Don’t waste my time” Al Pacino in “Heat”

I’d rather be playing football for Notre Dame

Christine Raymond
Office Ninja

Topping Playlist: Dave Matthews, Grateful Dead, anything with a seriously funky groove
Takes Taylor Ham: Sandwich with Egg, Cheese, & pepper (not nearly as exciting as the other sandwiches - whaaaa!)
Go to Classic Movie: Robin Hood: Men In Tights
She wishes: Cindy Crawford in the Pepsi Commercial
More like: Molly Shannon in Superstar
Favorite Movie Quote: “There’s no crying in baseball!” - Tom Hanks, ‘A League of Their Own’

I’d rather be scuba diving!

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