Why Seamless Gutters

In today’s housing market the quality and craftsmanship in every detail of your home’s structure play a key role in its value. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or simply update and improve your forever home, it may surprise you that the quality of your gutters is vital to not only adding value and charm to your home - but also to maintaining a strong and stable structure for years to come.

Let’s face it, we all want to save money when it comes to updating and conserving our homes. Often times, replacing or choosing the kind of gutters to use for your home is one area many feel they can tighten up the budget. However, this is one of the last places you should skimp!

The main purpose of a gutter is to provide a place for water and snow to flow rather than building up on the roof or around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. When a house is without gutters, the water can gather in low-lying areas around the foundation, causing buildup which can lead to sudden flooding that can damage the home’s interior. Over time, it can also lead to cracking and shifting of the home’s foundation.

Why we recommend seamless

So let’s talk about why Zander Gutters strongly recommend seamless gutters to non-seamless. There are a variety of drawbacks with traditional sectional gutters. Over time, the sealant used along the many seams can start to break down and leak, leading to wood rot behind the gutter.

Non-seamless gutters also have ridges along the bottom of the gutter which can cause small amounts of water to back up and give debris plenty of opportunity to form blockage. They also have a greater potential to become stopped up with leaves and other blown debris due to the impediment of the seams and ridges.

This can lead to an actual compost pile to start growing in the gutter! The weight of the soil, debris and other organic material can weigh down the gutter and cause it to pull on the fascia, leading to significant cosmetic damage to your home.

While seamless gutters are pricier than traditional gutters, the long-term benefits are worth the extra cost. First, one of the biggest advantages to selecting a seamless gutter over a traditional-style gutter is that it does a superior job of allowing rainwater to flow to downspouts without getting clogged.

No weak spots

Unlike traditional gutters that often clog and rust - like we discussed earlier - a seamless gutter does not have any weak spots. When used in conjunction with a gutter guard, the seamless gutter can be twice as effective, preventing leaves and other organic debris from stopping water flow.

Prevents & preserves

Next, seamless gutters are designed to preserve soils around the home, prevent mold and fungus growth, protect siding and stucco from backsplash, stain, and rot. They allow the roof and all sub-materials to receive adequate ventilation and reduce the risk of rot and damage to the shingles.

They also protect pools, landscaping, reduce the risk of basement flooding and shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage. All of these benefits combined reduce the risk of basement flooding, prolonged longevity of the roof, soffit, fascia and less routine cleaning and flushing.

The bottom line, a seamless gutter system will not only improve the overall value of your home but provide years of structural support with very little maintenance. Call Zander Gutter today at 908-879-4541 and let us partner with you in protecting the beauty and investment of your home and property.